Monday, December 05, 2016

Guns N' Roses - Garden City

 Guns N' Roses tried to record a follow-up to the Use Your Illusion albums from 1994 to 1996, but the inner fighting and disagreements about the direction of the band (Axl wanted the band to make songs more "like Nine Inch Nails" while the others just wanted to play some Hard Rock) prevented that from happening. So while they failed to produce anything release-worthy, the fighting only increased and led to the departure of all members, except Dizzy Reed and Axl, in late 96. Duff and Matt mentioned in interviews back in the day that the album would feature "about 10-12 tracks, without ballads", which gives us at least an idea of what could have been. Some demos that Slash recorded and showed to Axl, who didn't like them, became Slash's Snakepit's debut album, "It's Five O' Clock Somewhere", which was recorded with other three GN'R members (Dizzy, Matt & Gilby), what almost makes it a Guns N' Roses album itself! Duff's first album, Believe In Me, was recorded during the UYI tour in 1993, and featured many collaborations with other band members (The Spaghetti Incident's "New Rose" was recorded during the sessions). Gilby Clarke also released a solo album, and West Arkeen (the "honorary member" of the band) had a album released under the name "The Outpatience", and both featured GN'R members. So my mission is: select all the songs from those albums that feature input/playing from two or more members of the band, and put them together into a fifth studio album as they were planning to do. It won't feature any Izzy solo tunes, seen that he left the group in Sept. 1991, and Gilby would be a "official member" of the group. Let's see if it works out as an album by the world's most dangerous band, since they themselves weren't able to create one. Here's what I came up with:

Side A
  1. Neither Can I
  2. Anxious Disease
  3. Just Not There
  4. Soma City Ward
  5. 10 Years
Side B
  1. Believe Me
  2. Doin' Fine
  3. Man In The Meadow
  4. Tijuana Jail
  5. Beggars & Hangers On
We kick off things with Slash's "Neither Can I", a powerful tune that if you try you can almost hear Axl singing it. The song features the three GN'R/Snakepit members, and is one of the best tunes in the album, in my opinion. What follows is The Outpatience's "Anxious Disease", featuring both Slash on guitar and Axl on the backing vocals, and written and sung by West Arkeen, the "seventh gun". The first Duff song on the album, "Just Not There", features bandmember Slash, and follows strictly his "no ballads" rule. Another Slash tune, "Soma City Ward" features the songwriting and guitar of Izzy Stradlin, who despite having departured from the band still wrote with them, so it's fair game. Closing off our first LP side is the second Duff tune, "10 Years". Titled very closely to a UYI 2 tune also sung by him, it features Gilby Clarke on guitar and backing vocals. Kicking off the second side of our album is yet another Duff track, his albums title-track, "Believe In Me", featuring Slash on guitar and Matt on the drums, followed by Slash's "Doin' Fine", a personal favourite, featuring the three GN'R guys who also played with the Snakepit. The third song on side B is Man In The Meadow, with guitar work done by West Arkeen, as well as co-writing the tune. We all know West isn't a "real" member, but still, having co-written songs such as "Yesterdays" or "The Garden", he's as important to the band as the other six. A Gilby Clarke tune, "Tijuana Jail", comes next. Featuring backing vocals by Axl and guitar by Slash, I consider that since he was a member of the group, he would be allowed to collaborate on songs such as this. A song of his, "Monkey Chow", was included in the Slash album, so it's pretty possible. Closing off our album is the track "Beggars & Hangers On". Featuring co-writing with Duff, it's one of the most GN'R-like songs on the album, along with "Neither Can I", fitting to close off the album. Clocking at about 48 minutes, it fits perfectly into a LP, which was getting outdated by then, but I still use the format, anyway. To be released probably in early '95, it's a strong album, and I think it would be pretty well-recieved, with it's sound "not as overblown as UYI, and not as raw as Appetite". I also add two non-album b-sides, "Dime Store Rock" and "Dead Flowers", by Slash & Gilby, who are two nice tunes that didn't fit the album. The album is titled "Garden City", the supposed name of the album, as said by the time. A myth or hoax, probably, but I'll stick with it anyway, because it sounds good enough to be a name. And the only person dissatisfacted with the album would be Axl, who was trying his hardest to turn the band in the second-coming of NIN. Not trying to criticize him (NIN is one of my favourite bands), but this creative difference was one of the things that led to the band's demise, in the first place. Any thoughts? Be sure to criticise, or request, all you want!


  1. Where is the link to download this?

    1. I normally don't upload the ones with no editing, because they're easy to compile and it would fill some needed space in the dropbox account, keeping the room needed for other postings

  2. Ah ok. New to your site and just wondering (so ignore my other link queries). One suggestion (I made this on the Albums That Never Were site as well):

    Dr John The Sun The Moon The Herbs. I would LOVE to see that one be attempted (with a link lol)